Saturday, March 29, 2008

5 More Reasons Why I Love Megan

1) She loves to learn new things.

2) She's fun to play games with!

3) She now has a stamp from every National Park and National Monument in the State of Colorado.

4) She's a great mom.

5) Even though she couldn't ski with me this Spring Break (because she's pregnant!), she still likes to go on hikes with me.

I love you, Megan!


Nikki said...

What?! Congratulations Kelly family! So excited for you guys!

obsessiveskier said...

Thanks, Nikki! We're excited too.

Dan Pflug said...

Scott & Megan, Yes!

I was just checking the Christchurch prayer requests this morning when I saw the one about Megan's nausea. I had a double take! So, I decided to look at the family blog and what do you know!

Congratulations from Dan and Amy and Maddie! We will be praying.