Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Values

I stopped by an open house this past Sunday afternoon. Nice house. Brick construction. Newer kitchen. Four bedrooms. Two and a half baths.

I wasn't thinking about skiing this day. I had not thought about skiing for quite some time, actually. Until I saw these three sets of kid skis and boots.

Anyone who has skied with a child knows both the joys and the perils of such risky behavior. Kids are unpredictable. Kids have wills of their own. Kids are often a lot like their parents.

Some kids go down the hill way too fast. Some kids make you carry them down the mountain in your arms because they are so afraid. Some kids will go up and down the mountain with you all day long. Provided you have enough candy in your pocket.

I salute you, "Mr. Northwest Evanston Dad with Three Sets of Kid's Skis in the Basement." You have earned my respect. And I share your family values.