Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another Good Sunday at Christchurch

Many thanks to Aaryn and Maleah Sanchez for leading our music today at Christchurch. It was a joy to sing praises to God with you and God's people this morning.

Many thanks also to friend and CCU professor Phil Mitchell for preaching from Luke 13:20-21 this morning. Like yeast, the kingdom of God is often obscure to human eyes. Jesus followers will always be very small compared to the world. But that tiny number is more influential in the world than any others. Like yeast, the kingdom of God is universal. Yeast works its way through all the bread dough. And Christianity is impacting the entire world, as nearly 3000 language groups worshiped the Lord Jesus this Christmas. What encouragement and hope we find in God's Word!

After a fun lunch with the Brandt family after church to say thanks for Ericka's faithful service to our little kids at Christchurch this year, we are now home. Meg's started writing and I'm going to go work out at the gym. Then I'll probably start studying Isaiah again. A good day.

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