Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Testament Greek 101

Today I graded the final exams for the New Testament Greek class I've been teaching. What a joy it was to see my students translating on their own. Now I pray that they will keep working on their Greek. My love for God has grown through my study of His Word in the Greek New Testament. My church is also benefiting as I make fewer exegetical mistakes when preaching and teaching.

Here's a great book that I use often to keep up with my New Testament Greek and to cultivate my affections for God.

The Greek text that underlies the New International Version as reconstructed by Edward Goodrick and John Kohlenberger III, along with word definitions in footnotes for all words that occur thirty times or less in the New Testament.

Ideal for Greek students and pastors, this volume saves time and effort in studying the Greek New Testament. By eliminating the need to look up definitions, the footnotes allow the user to read the Greek text more quickly, focusing on parsing and grammatical issues.

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