Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Volition: A Short Film

This post is quite a bit more serious than "The Christmas Linebacker." The recently released short film entitled Volition makes a solid point about our historic inability to accurately understand what it is that makes someone a person with inalienable human rights. Many of us are afraid to make this point today, particularly when it comes to the abortion issue. But with the production of courageous art like this excellent short film, along with prayer, piety and political action...we have much reason to hope that the next generations will not make the same terrible mistakes of our past. Thanks to Tim Challies for his post today which pointed me to this high-quality short film. Volition is one of many short films posted online at The Doorpost Film Project. Watch it and then post a comment below to tell me what you think.

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Scott Y said...

There are actually two things of interest going on here: the film and the reviewers' comments. The film is moving and sobering. Thanks for pointing us to it, Scott.

The comments are, in their own way, even more sobering, and worth as much discussion as the film itself. Jump to the earliest comments (on the last page) and read forward from there. Some people flatly reject a parallel between slavery and the holocaust on one hand, and abortion on the other. Other commentors are outraged that the film makes such a connection. How dare you!

Do you hear what their outrage is about? "How DARE you say that my approval of abortion is similar to previous generations' approval of slavery and genocide?" So they get the point of the film... but they reject it as invalid, even offensive.

I was saddened by the events in the film. And I was saddened by the vitrolic responses of some viewers who so proudly and self-righteously defended abortion. It's a glimpse into our culture.