Monday, December 29, 2008

Moving to Utah...

...or at least thinking about it. When the obsessive skier hears stories like this one, he wonders whether he should move to someplace with more snow.

LIBERTY, Utah - In parts of Weber County, Utah, residents have received more than 70 inches of snow in just 10 days, but they're not complaining.

Head into the small, peaceful town of Liberty and you're sure to pass Pat Foley's house, that is, if you can see it behind all the snow.

"I've done nothing but plow for the last week," resident Pat Foley said.

Foley got so tired of trying to keep up with the snowfall, he decided to call his buddy, Gregg Chambers.

Resident Gregg Chambers said: "I love it. This is what I do."

Chambers owns his own snow removal business, and after 70 inches of snow falling in Liberty in just the past week and a half, business has been good.

"We run 14 hours every day," said Chambers.

And the thing is, long-time Liberty residents don't consider all the snow deep, yet.

Pat Foley said: "This winter is looking like if it keeps up, it's going to match last winter."

Last winter, the snow was so deep, horses could just walk over their fences. This year, it's almost like that again.

Even deer are having a tough time getting through all the snow.

Residents definitely need something big to get rid of all this snow.

"You have to be a lot healthier than me to try and tackle it with a shovel," Foley said.

Liberty isn't the easiest place to live during the winter, but for Foley and other longtime residents, that's the point.

"It keeps the flatlanders and tourists out. You know, One winter up here and they're gone," Foley said.

Chambers said: "This is the greatest place to live. I mean, this is the Garden of Eden. Eden, Liberty, Huntsville, perfect. You gotta love the snow."

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