Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feminity: After Shve Lotion

While working at my second-favorite coffee shop this morning*, I got an email update from a missionary friend now working in South Asia. He went to the barber shop the other day for a trim and shave, and the barber used this on him.

By the way, what an astonishing world we live in! He gets a shave, we get a joke, and it is all so easy to communicate across the globe...

* In case you were wondering, my second favorite coffee shop is Super Joe, next to Old Chicago in Superior at McCaslin & US36, in the same building as Superior Liquor, across from the Ice Rink. Not only do they serve high-quality, fair-trade coffees and teas, but they also have great lunch specials. And best of all...great desserts! Try the hermits. Mmmmmmm!

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