Friday, December 19, 2008

New Logo for Christchurch

What do you think?

Feedback is much appreciated.


jason allen said...

I like the simplicity, first off. The understated font is nice. I like the three word descriptors with the simple period.

The tree, on the outset, seems a bit out of place. Not sure exactly story is trying to be told with the tree. With it's proximity to "Christ" it made think maybe it is supposed to point to the idea of the cross?.?

Overall I like it.

jason allen said...

after looking again, the tree seems a little too large. Maybe if it was shrunk down a bit, it makes the left side of the image kind of "heavy" or out of balance maybe. My eye loses the lettering b/c I'm looking above and below it due to the tree.

And after looking more I like the font a lot... :)

hockeyboy5 said...

It looks great, but I'd like it for Sunday School or something. I hate losing the cross from our primary logo.