Monday, December 15, 2008

Do Not Forsake Me

The following is a devotional reflection on Psalm 38:21 from Charles Spurgeon, edited by Roy H. Clarke:

"We frequently pray that God will not forsake us in our hours of trials and tests. We need, however, to use this prayer all the time. There is not a moment in our life that we can do without His constant upholding. Whether in light or in darkness, in fellowship or in temptation, we need to pray, 'Do not forsake me, O LORD.' 'Hold me up and I shall be safe.' (Psalm 119:117) A little child learning to walk needs the hand of her mother. The ship without a captain drifts from its course. We cannot make it without continued aid from above.

Pray, 'Do not forsake me, O LORD.' Father, do not forsake your child, or I will fall by the hand of the enemy. Shepherd, do not forsake your lamb, or I will wanter from the safety of the fold. Great Vineyard Keeper, do not leave your plant, or I will wither and die. 'Do not for sake me, O LORD,' now or at any moment in my life.

Do not forsake me in my joys, lest the fully engage my heart. Don not forsake me in my sorrow, lest I murmur against You. Do not forsake me during repentance, lest I lost the hope of pardon and fall into despair. Do not forsake me in the days of my strongest faith, lest my faith degenerate into presumption.

Do not forsake me. Without You I am weak; with You I am strong. Do not forsake me. My path is dangerous and full of snares. I desperately need your guidance.

The hen does not forsake her chickens. Cover me with Your feathers, and under Your wings I will take refuge (Psalm 91:4) 'Be not far from me. Trouble is near and there is none to help' (Psalm 22:11). "Do not leave me nor forsake me, O God of my salvation' (Psalm 27:9). Amen."

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