Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This Election is Becoming Too Divisive!

The following story is from www.9news.com.

FORT COLLINS - A married couple has agreed to disagree about who should be the next president of the United States - but that's not stopping them from having a little fun with it.

The couple, who asked to remain anonymous, put political signs in their yard: the husband in support of the McCain-Palin ticket, the wife backing the Obama-Biden ticket. They then took a photo and posted it on 9NEWS.com. But the fun didn't stop there.

The couple lives in a co-housing neighborhood called Greyrock Commons, where the computers of 30 households are all connected through a local area network (LAN).

The wife sent out the photo to her neighbors, along with the message:

"It's election season; time to put the political yard signs barack in the yards. Although my husband and I were unable to come to consensus on this issue, we are simply biden our time until Election Day."

The email drew this response from her husband:

"My wife certainly is the com-mcc, ain't she? My response can only palin comparison."

The couple says they've received numerous e-mails from their neighbors about the dueling political signs, including ones that said, "you should take your stellar comedy show on the road," "true love conquers all," and their favorite, "Que sarah, sarah."

The couple says they plan to vote via mail-in ballot for the Nov. 4 election.

The wife says she's reminded her husband to be sure to return his ballot by Nov. 8.

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