Friday, October 3, 2008

Man Gets Burned While Using Lighter to Siphon Gas

One more example of the fall of humankind into sin and stupidity:

MUKWONAGO, Wis. (AP) - Police said a man was arrested after he used a cigarette lighter while trying to siphon gasoline from a van.

The man, who was visiting friends, went to drive home early Saturday but realized that he didn't have enough gas in his SUV.

Police said the man tried to siphon the gas with help from another woman, but he couldn't see how much gas was in the container, so he used the lighter to check.

A blast of fire burned his hands and caused nearby residents to call police.

Police said he and the woman were located later in a store parking lot. He was arrested for theft and negligent use of burning materials.

The woman was referred to authorities for being party to theft. Formal charges haven't been filed.

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hockeyboy5 said...

My dad is a very smart guy, but as a teen he once checked the gas level in his motorcycle the same way. He avoided burns, but the motorcycle was destroyed. There are better ways to check gas levels...