Saturday, October 11, 2008

Having a Baby Brother

While waiting at the hospital for baby brother to be born, Sophie passed the time by typing her thoughts.

This is a scanned image of "Having a Baby Brother", by Sophia Kelly (click on the image of her typed page for a more readable version, or read the transcription that follows):

Having a Baby Brother
By: Sophia Kelly

If your going to have a baby brother, they are very hard to name! So be prepared. Our family just so happened to come up with the names: Andrew and Zander. Our baby hasn't XXX XXXX yet but it's very exciting. XXXXXX Actually xxxxx we're in the xxx hospital right now! And your baby might come late so don't get to excited. In the x hospital it's smells very clean. And maybe if your lucky there will prabobly bex a snack bar. Make real sure that you have a lot of stuff tox do before you go to the hospital. But if your Mom is not far into her pregnancy then you don't half to worry at all.And if you don't xknow this read on... it takes a really long time! You might just want to have a snack at the food court. your mom lays down in almost a HUGE bed with a lot ofxxxxxx wires and stuff like that. Theres also a little shelf that you can put stuff on. like a big glass of water, her phone, car keys, and any other random things like that. and if your baby comes it is LOUD! For the next few days your baby will stay at the hospital with your Mom. Your baby WILL make funny faces at you. Your baby will be cute,cry,and last but not least; eat and poop for the next few days. Your baby brother will also eat milk and that is basically all babys eat.after a while, you will probobly get xxused to the whole baby ting. Your baby brother will NOT be that heavy at all. you will pretty much cary him once a day. But don't get scared, baby boys are FUN! If you are xxxxxxxnerveos don't be! becausebaby boys are the best I don't know why but xxthey are. They are cute, funny, and they have very good facial emocions. You are going to love your baby brother.

Here are Granna (Paula), Anna, Kit Kittredge, Sophia and Buddy (Gene). Kit is Sophie's typing inspiration. Read the American Girl books (or just visit the website) and you'll understand. Before she went to Kindergarten, Sophie kept asking for the Kit doll, and I kept telling her to read the Kit book first, and then I would buy the doll for her. She started reading a bit sooner than I (and my wallet!) expected. So, we got her the Kit doll for her 5th birthday. The Underwood manual typewriter and portable case were a gift from the estate of Sophie's great-grandparents, Bernard & Pauline Ray (Granna's parents). It was used for many years by "Pappaw" in his work at the Bernard Ray Insurance Agency in Cabot, Arkansas.

"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward." - Psalm 127:3 (ESV)


gerberdaisie said...

What a sweet story! I like getting the child's perspective too. Enjoy your baby brother Sophie!!


hockeyboy5 said...

Sophia is an awesome author--takes after her mom! Sorry, Scott, once she masters "your" and "you're" she'll be ahead of you on grammar! You better make a few copies of that to file in multiple locations and makes sure she gets one when she has kids of her own. Priceless!

Cristin W. said...

That is the most precious thing I've ever read! Great job, Sophie!