Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Colorado Physicians on Amendment 48

October 21, 2008 - Denver, Colorado - Amendment 48, the "Personhood" Amendment, has garnered the support of a multitude of physicians, throughout Colorado and the nation. Many of these doctors have been upset to learn that they are counted in the "7,000 physicians" purported to oppose Amendment 48. These claims by opposition to Amendment 48 are false, as individual physicians, independent of the medical associations they are linked to, overwhelmingly support Amendment 48.

Speaking of the Colorado Medical Society's endorsement of Amendment 48, physician Peter W. Zimmer spoke his thoughts on the matter. "...So many CMS members are pro-life and wish to protect life... I certainly do not believe that CMS represents a majority of physicians on this issue..."

"I fully support Amendment 48 and want you to know that the Colorado Medical Society does not reflect my beliefs in this matter," added Kathleen Klotz Puls, M.D.

"At the time of fertilization, a single-cell embryo (zygote) contains all of the genetic information and biologic capacity to proceed through sequential developmental stages to a fetus, newborn, adolescent, and adult human being... The fact that a zygote is a person may be an "inconvenient truth", but we can't establish truths based upon what consequences we desire. We must establish truth first, then establish policies based upon that truth," stated Dr. Sam Alexander.

"Although many of the doctors who have contacted us are part of these medical associations, they do not agree with the associations speaking for them as a whole," explained Kristi Burton, sponsor of Amendment 48. "It is time for Colorado citizens to realize that many, many physicians are on the side of science and technology - and as such, they support Amendment 48."

For more information, visit or contact Kristi Burton at 719-661-8827.

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