Friday, November 30, 2007

Birds of Prey Downhill

If you're skiing at 80mph and the air temp is zero degrees fahrenheit, what is the windchill? It was a cold one today at Beaver Creek.

Congratulations to Steve Nyman, Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht of the US Ski Team for finishing in the top ten of today's Birds of Prey Downhill. Steve Nyman is racing fast this year, consistently beating Bode. Today Nyman's time was only 5 hundredths of a second behind first place finisher Michael Walchhofer of Austria. The Hermanator, Herman Maier, finished 11th. I wish I had been there today, but life and ministry kept me off the slopes. Maybe I can talk Meg and the girls into heading over tomorrow for the Super-G races.

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