Sunday, November 25, 2007

MIZ-ZOU! BCS Champions-to-be!?!

It's been a crazy year in sports. The Rockies made it to the World Series (never mind how that turned out...), the Arkansas Razorbacks upset LSU this week, and last night the MU Tigers beat the KU what-cha-ma-call-its to win the Big 12 North. As we passed Arrowhead Stadium in KC yesterday afternoon, I-70 was backed up for miles to the east and to the west. As one born in the Show-Me State, I have long dreamed of a collegiate national football championship. I think this is the year.


Anonymous said...

As you Jayhawk Sister In Law, I take some offense to a WashU Bear claiming the Tigers. :)
At least a Jayhawk can now turn their attentions to our #5 Basketball team!

obsessiveskier said...

The WU Bears are still my favorite NCAA Division 3 football team, but for some reason their games aren't being broadcast in Colorado.

Nikki said...

Maybe next year? :)