Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving in St. Louis

It all started with an extremely good packing job, if you ask me. I continue to be amazed at how much stuff actually fits in our 2001 Mazda MPV. Our trek across the great plains started on Sunday night around 6:30pm. After too many hours in the miniature van, we arrived in Salem, Arkansas at 6:30pm on Monday. It was wonderful to see Meg's grandma, Mrs. Nora Sherrill, and her aunt Joan and uncle John. But it is sad to see the effects of Alzheimer's taking their toll on our sweet Grandmommie. Praise God that the girls were able to see her again and hold her hand, if but for a few moments. With hope in Nora's union with Christ by faith, we arrived at my folks house in Ellisville, MO shortly after midnight that night, thanks to one of Sonic's Rt44 Cherry Limeades and Megan's gift of late-night conversation.

Tuesday brought 70+ degree weather, a rare opportunity for me to worship God at the Covenant Seminary Chapel, a great BBQ lunch with the pastors at FBC Ellisville, and a trip to the St. Louis Zoo with the girls and my Grammie Pearson (my mom's mom). Swimming in Granny & Poppie's pool filled up most of our time until Thursday morning, along with eating way too much of my mom & Grammie's incredible food.

Yesterday (T-day), we went over the creeks and through the woods for 20 minutes to Meg's folks' house and enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with Meg's sister Alison, my brother-in-law Jeff Niermann, and their kids, Lillian and Joshua. Someone wisely suggested that we take the family picture before the meal, which turned out to be a great idea, because I spent the afternoon upstairs in a triptophan induced nap.

Today, I'm up early, feeling great after a 7am run. This post is being composed at a St. Louis Bread Company (AKA Panera to my non-St. Louisan friends - that's how they all started years ago on the U City Loop near our alma mater, Washington U). Perhaps a movie this afternoon. Thanks to Meg, all our Christmas shopping is DONE! Tonight we enjoy the Christmas Lights with Lilly and Josh at Grants Farm. Perhaps I will also enjoy a few free samples of some of Anheuser-Busch's traditional offerings.

We'll get back in the car tomorrow morning for our cruise across the chilly plains, stopping in Wentzville to see my nephew Alex's new house and stopping in Independence to for lunch with my church-planting friend Jason Allen and his family. God willing, we will be back home before 10pm and I will be preaching from Jude 17-25 at Christchurch on Sunday morning.

Thank God for Thanksgiving!


niermann5 said...

"Someone wisely suggested that we take the family picture before the meal"
That would be the wise Jayhawk. :)

obsessiveskier said...

That's right, "Jayhawks"! That's what they're called! What exactly is a Jayhawk again? I'm still a bit fuzzy on that.

Regardless of the questionable origins of the KU mascot, you were very wise to make that suggestion. Pictures were much less painful this time around.

niermann5 said...

even mythological creatures need love.

the suggestion was made more for selfish reasons; i knew i still had makeup on at that point and i have been the reason why the last two family pictures are not being used the family Christmas picture for cards :)