Monday, June 1, 2009

...murder is murder. Period.

The shooting of an infamous Wichita abortionist in his church yesterday was a wicked, cold-blooded murder. Murder is murder. Period.

And still the murder of George Tiller raises many questions.

How does someone who is pro-life become so radicalized as to justify murdering an abortionist?

How could a doctor become so radicalized as to justify the killing of babies who are the same gestational age as my neighbor’s premie?

What kind of church welcomes an abortionist like Tiller as a member?

Why is the US seeing such a dramatic rise in shootings in church buildings? This is the third shooting in a church service that I can think of in the last year and a half.

Dr. Mohler at Southern Seminary has posted a helpful article for sorting through this moral mess.

The Bottom Line: God will judge and punish all evildoers. The pro-life movement has been greatly harmed by the one who murdered George Tiller yesterday. God’s people must contend for life through non-violent, lawful means. Taking the law into our own hands is not an option for anyone who believes in God, the ultimate judge of every person.

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