Friday, June 19, 2009

I hope I never run into this wolverine.

Wolverine M56 Returns to Colorado

He traveled over mountain ranges and highways and across state lines. He sought territory and a female—and in the process, attained fame. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) researchers working with state and federal partners have tracked the lone wolverine since early April. The animal has now crossed into northern Colorado—marking the first known incidence of a wolverine in the state since 1919.

The wolverine, a young male labeled M56, was captured near Grand Teton National Park and traveled approximately 500 miles during April and May. The animal navigated significant manmade features including Interstate 80—the heavily trafficked route across Wyoming that links Chicago, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco.

WCS researchers affixed a radio-tracking collar to the wolverine as part of an ongoing study to understand these wide-ranging, little-known animals. A growing body of research shows that wolverines need large areas to survive and that the young often disperse long distances between mountain ranges to find a territory and mates.

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