Friday, June 26, 2009

Let's go tubing!

KEYSTONE - If you've always wanted to go tubing on the snow, but hate the cold, you're big chance has arrived. Keystone Resort is opening for the summer season and, among all the summer activities they have a little winter fun planned too.

High atop the resort you can find Matt Hover dressed in a Hawaiian shirt. He's been so busy getting ready for the summer, he's sleeping at work.

"I have been spending every night up here. I have a sleeping bag," Hover said.

The reason he's been at it is because he's been given the herculean task of getting ready for summer by opening the tubing hill, snow and all.

"I had a big pile of snow, 60 feet deep in fact. My wife and I were flying to Las Vegas and you could see it from the plane," Hover said.

For two weeks, working 10 hours a day, Hover shaped that pile into what it is now: a slick, snowy hill made for fun.

Even with grass on the ground and people wearing short sleeve shirts, you can grab a tube, jump on, and enjoy some winter fun - summer style.

Keystone spokesperson Kate Coble went for a ride while talking about the rare nature of playing on the snow in early summer.

"How often can you do something like this on top a mountain in June?" Coble said.

Tubers will get the chance to mix seasons, taking the best of winter with the warm convenience of summer. At least as long as the snow lasts.

"Maybe only a few weeks," Hover said.

It's why even with Hover's new busy summer schedule, he's glad to test out and approve the hill he's been spending so much time at.

"The only way to see if it's working is to jump on and give it a try," Hover said.

The tubing hill will be open from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The best advice is to get on the hill early.

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