Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Good Start to My Week

God gave us another good Lord's Day at Christchurch today. We gathered in Jesus' name, we sang, we read scripture, we listened to preaching and teaching, we sang some more, we encouraged one another, and we went home. A few years ago, I would come home from church on Sunday spiritually tired. Today, I came home having been refreshed and renewed spiritually. That's been the case more often than not this year and I'm so grateful to God for that.

And so I'm looking forward to my week.

My Sabbath started after church today and continues into the afternoon tomorrow.

From Tuesday through Thursday I plan to be in Louisville, Kentucky, joining 5,000 other pastors and ministry leaders from various churches and denominations around the country for Together for the Gospel. I'll also be meeting with the interns that we're planning to bring to Christchurch this summer.

By Friday, I need to submit some papers for a class I'm taking on the history of hymns. And we've already got a weekend full of ministry scheduled for Saturday and Sunday...but I look forward to seeing what God brings this coming week. Some days bring joy, some days bring pain, but all days are better than I deserve.

Have a great week!

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