Sunday, February 1, 2009

Travis' Pastoral Prayer

While I am in Alabama to officiate my uncle Chuck's funeral, my friend and brother in Christ, Travis Blevins, will be leading Christchurch in prayer later this morning. Will you join with me and Travis in offering up this prayer to God?

We gather before you now to bring glory and honor to you. We worship and we praise you. We adore you for the knowledge that you are a sovereign God, and are in control.. Thank you Lord for the sunset yesterday, and your evident hand all around us. We confess our sin to you this morning Lord and ask to be reconciled in our relationship with you through the obedience and blood of your son. Thank you for sacrificing your beloved son on the cross, and for His obedient life that we strive to follow. Thank you, Oh God, for the scripture. The inerrant guide for us in this turbulent fallen world, a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path. Thank you for Christchurch Lord, a bible-believing church in a dry and weary land where we are few. We lay our heartfelt requests at your feet and pray that you search our hearts Lord, align our desires with your desires, make us vessels of righteousness, proclaiming your glory. We lift up our president Lord, we pray that Barack Obama would pray, and read scripture, and if he is not saved Lord, we pray that you would work on his heart, and bring him to a saving knowledge of your son, and our savior. We lift up those who are ill Lord, in our congregation and out of it. We lift up Matt Jones as he continues his rehabilitation and therapy. We pray that your miraculous healing power be evident in his recovery. We pray for those in financial need Lord, those who are hit hard by our current economic situation Lord, comfort them in their difficulties, provide for them Lord. We lift up Boulder Valley Christian Church and their new pastor. We pray that they will glorify you and help spread the gospel to a barren Boulder County. Help us to be a giving church, a generous church, a church that’s focus is on You and You alone. Lord open our hearts, create in us a big vision for the lost, poke and prod us through the Holy Spirit to share the gospel with those around us. Move us forward as we through your grace and in obedience to your Word advance the kingdom in Boulder county. May we savor You in our worship, strengthen our vision of Jesus in discipleship and study, and spread the Love of Christ in evangelism and missions, may we bear fruit, and may our fruit remain. Help us not to grow weary in doing Good, as we draw on your limitless power and sufficiency. May you be Glorified in our efforts and in our reliance on you. Amen

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