Wednesday, February 11, 2009

22 English words that still exist almost entirely because of hymns and the King James Bible

1. Verily
2. Buffet
3. Diadem
4. Beseech
5. Balm
6. Ebenezer
7. Hark!
8. Begotten
9. Hither
10. Admonish
11. Gird
12. Want (as in “lack”)
13. Hallowed
14. Firmament
15. Brethren
16. Bulwark
17. Countenance
18. Quickening
19. Adjure
20. Brimstone
21. Surety
22. Goad

What others?

Thanks to Abraham Piper and Joe Rigney at 22 Words for this post.


Andy McCullough said...


Scott Y said...

Well, these words are still in use -- but by what demographic? Some people in the Church know them, but some don't. What's really important is, are they part of the vocabulary used or at least understood by the people I'm trying to reach with the Gospel? Am I speaking their language when I talk about Christ?

jason allen said...

Hate to tell you this but I'm sitting across the street from Ryan's "Buffet" (#2) right now. ;)