Monday, May 21, 2012

Which Chicago ball club should be my #2?

The Obsessive Skier grew up in the STL watching Lou Brock and Al Hrabosky play at the old Busch Stadium, so he'll always be a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Brock-a-brellas and Stink-eyed Fu Manchus are hard to forget.

But it looks like the Obsessive Skier will be moving to the Chicago area in August. (Yes, he knows that there's not much good skiing in that area. You don't need to bring that up again. Thanks.)

So, which Chicago ball club should be his #2? I'm thinking the Cubs.


Song of the Suffering Servant said...

The general rule is - north side: Cubs - south side: White Sox. I grew up in the western suburbs, so I had a choice and I chose the Sox.

The Cubs are, by far, the more media-loved team with a bigger fan base. Both fan bases are passionate, but the Cubs fans can get pretty depressed. Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville are hands down more fun than U.S. Cellular. Cubs fans, though, to be honest, can get pretty anti-Cardinal.

I'd vote for the Sox. They're not so much anti-Cardinal, and they've actually won a World Series in the past 7 years.

obsessiveskier said...

Thanks, James!

pxsarkany said...

The Cubs. The plan is for you to be living in Evanston, so Sox fans would be out of place.

Though, to be fair, Song of the Suffering Servant is right that the Sox are the better team.

For my part, I give a head nod to the Cubs, give up on being a baseball fan, and root for the All Blacks instead.