Sunday, September 14, 2008

Go Broncos!

The Broncos/Chargers game just ended. And I have an important announcement to make: After almost 6 years in Colorado, I have now officially become a Denver Broncos fan. Jay Cutler is no John Elway. He's young, and he makes things exciting sometimes (like that fumble against the Chargers today), but he's mentally tough and has one heck of an arm. The Broncos are a young team all around, but under coach Mike Shanahan, these young players look like they are on their way to a great season.

PS: I am still a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. It will take a lot more than a freak Rockies season last year to challenge that loyalty.

PPS: My apologies to Kurt Warner and the 2000 Rams (winners of Super Bowl XXXIV over the THAT was a great game).

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hockeyboy5 said...

Jay Cutler is no John Elway.

That sounds like a slam, but then you praise him. What's up? Cutler can't run like Elway, but he'll have a higher completion pct through his career, and he's equally fearless. I guess #6 is just slightly less than #7. Time will tell, but we have excitement ahead with Marshall and Royal running pass routes.